Monday, September 15, 2008

Will the real Sarah Palin please stand up?

So I'll admit SNL has taken a dive since...well, like 1998. Not to say that this is any sort of a comeback because don't get too excited, this isn't that funny, but when I saw a still frame of this I seriously thought it was Sarah Palin. So I guess good work Tina Fey...for looking like someone you could make fun of. Haha, it is pretty funny.


Parkinson Family said...

that is funny, they do look a lot a like

Janei'a said...

love your blog. did P90X and loved it! definetly kicks your butt but worth it. you guys are such a cute family!!

Laura said...

So funny!!! She did such a good job - she sounds exactly like her!

Laura said...

Sorry to comment again, but I was so behind on all of your posts! Etta is absolutely gorgeous!!! She is the cutest baby ever!!!

I love that I'm listening to "Le ciel dans une chambre" while on your blog. I love it!

I'm also taking note of this new workout I have never heard of! P90x... heaven knows I will need it after I have this baby. I'm already feeling a difference since I have been so sick to make it to the gym consistently! Yikes.

Miss you guys!!!