Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Night at the Museum

A couple weeks ago my family was in town and it was fun! My parents were here and even my brothers family from San Jose. So with all the kiddies we thought we'd go to the dinosaur museum up at Thanksgiving point. I had never been there before and it was actually really cool!
Elizabeth wasn't sure about the sand at first but warmed up eventually and was just have a gay old time splashin around!

There's alot of scary things around these parts, but the babies weren't phased.

You have watch out for lurking around the next corner!

Come on how cute is that?

Elizabeth is a very aggressive child with the best intentions possible. She's just so friendly and assumes everyone wants to play with her.

Always the curious cat, elizabeth was loving all there was to look at and touch.

Like this dinosaur just her size!

The whole gang.

Can't get enough of these kids!

They even had a place you could sit and the sand and dig for bones!

All in all it was very successful trip and Elizabeth loved it, as evident by her cheeser face!


Megan Miley and Chris said...

holy cow, I LOVE her outfit! Where did you get it? I really like her shirt. So cute.

Aubrey said...

What a fun trip to the museum! First of all, that shark is scary. But Elizabeth's smile makes up for it. She is so cute and it's true — she loves to play with everyone. We should go together next summer when Kennedy's old enough to appreciate it.