Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nieces, Nephews, Friends, and Cousins

A couple weeks ago my sister in law christy had the fun opportunity to go to disneyworld with her mom and sisters. She took her two oldest kids with her leaving their two youngest and my brother here in Utah. As a result my brother needed a little help watching his kids while he was at work. So Elizabeth and I had a fun time with family all week. Etta loved being with her cousins. Lexi always playing the mother and michael as wanting to jump in and help. If she cried Lexi would say, "shhh it's ok" and michael would say BABY, then run and get her pacifier or bottle. (they're 4 and 2) It was pretty entertaining, Etta just laughed at them running around all week. We also got over to visit Kamber, Ryan, and Callan. Callan is so cute. Etta and I definitely had a busy week of friends and family. Thanks for having us!

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Parkinson Family said...

i bet that was fun, they are too cute!