Monday, January 12, 2009

Little Bunny Foo Foo

So baby had her 6 month appointment on December 19, 2008 and these are the results.

Weight-16lbs 3oz


She LOVED the butcher paper on the doctors table as well as the mirror. She was in heaven making loud crunchy noises and looking at the cute smiling baby in front of her. She was being so funny and I didn't catch it on camera. I'm always a little to slow on draw but here's a little something that I did catch.

Now that I can upload videos lots will be coming. I know I said that before but it's true this time! We've been having a blast watching her sit up, start talking, do breakdancing stalls while she rocks up on her knees (she'll be crawling any second now), and eating all her solids. We made her a bunch of healthy baby foods that she loves, namely sweet potatoes and apples. What I love most has to be the many faces she makes when she loves and/or hates different foods. I also love that she's an incredibly clean eater...I don't know that I could handle the squishy food everywhere so it's much appreciated. :) Anyway, we're having a blast watching her learn and grow! Come visit and see for yourself!


Marin said...

Ohhhh she is sooo adorable!! Look at that Back ARCH!!! very nice! That is a GREAT idea to have a mirror right there in front of them while they are laying on table for the doctor!! Carden loves the mirror! Aww I wish we could come over and visit! IT would be fun to see them play together! Miss you guys!

Josh, Cami, Brody and Brooklyn said...

Too CUTE! It was so fun to catch up on your blog this morning and read all about what is happening with your family. I am so glad I am out of the snow. I am not a snow gal. It is fun for a couple days and then I am sick of it. As for high chairs my only advice is to get one that you can store easily if you dont want it out all the time. We like to entertain people and sometimes it gets a little crowded with a high chair in the kitchen. Oh and another thing make sure it has a plastic piece that goes on top of the tray that you can take off and clean. That way you do not have to clean the whole tray every time. At least we found that helpful. Good luck. Sure Miss you.

Aubrey Shaner said...

She is the best baby! I love how entertained she was by the sounds the paper made at the doctor's office and her reflection. So cute!

Parkinson Family said...

shes so grown up! good to see shes doing well!