Friday, January 16, 2009


Name and Meaning: Elizabeth meaning "my God is an oath," "my God is abundance," "God's promise," or "oath of God." Avery meaning "elf" or "magical counsel."

Age: 7 months

Nicknames: Etta, Lark, Baby, Anything-Pants (ie poopy-pants, sweetie-pants, etc), Bitsie, Booger, Lil Stinker, E

Favorite Activities: Singing and dancing with me around the house, watching "your baby can read," crinkling paper, eating, skyping family and friends, putting everything in her mouth.

Favorite Foods: Sweet potatoes, Apples, Peas, Pears, and still loving the bottle.

Least Favorite Foods: Avocado, Carrots

Favorite Music: No matter what's wrong if you put on Baby Beluga she'll silence immediately and start crying again when it's over, Bare Necessities, she pretty much just LOVES music, anything I sing, and anything on her kids songs cd's we made.

Favorite Toys: Hugo, my phone (which is NOT a toy), and anything that lights up.

Favorite Books: Very Hungry Caterpillar, Dancing with Degas, A Magical Day with Matisse, Goodnight Moon, Winnie the Pooh, A Picnic with Monet, In the Garden with Van Gogh, her flashcards, and pretty much anything I'm reading I read out loud and she loves it.

Favorite Item of Clothing: Her silver sparkly shoes.

What makes her happy: Baby Beluga, BATH TIME, Hugo, kids and other babies, when you look at her and pretty much do anything at all:).

What makes her sad: When she's hungry and you're not feeding her or when she's tired and you're not putting her to sleep.

Funny words or phrases: blowing raspberries, da da da da, really high pitched squeals, a low grunting yelling noise that is impossible to describe...ahhhh!

So this is a hat that a sweet women from our branch named Dorothy made for her. She also made hats for every other baby and child in our branch. That's amazing!


Aubrey Shaner said...

She really is such an adorable baby. How funny that she doesn't like carrots and avocados. I'll have to see her reaction to Baby Beluga. Is that something I need?

Parkinson Family said...

fun! cute hat too!