Thursday, January 8, 2009

This or That?

High chairs anyone? I don't know what to do!!!! Help, my head is going to explode. So...I've looked at so many and read so many reviews and it just keeps making me more and more confused. So i'm asking you for what you've heard and used. My mom was generous enough to expand our high chair budget a bit at christmas time so I've been looking at the Tripp Trapp, Svan, Kinderzeat, Kee Karoo, One Step Ahead blah blah blah. I love the idea of the chair being able to sit right up to the table so they can be apart of the family interaction, I also like they adjust and grow with the child. What I don't like is the lack of tray with some of that a big deal? Should I just go buy the cheapest thing with four legs? So please someone just tell me what to do.


Karen said...

My daughter said cleanability should be high on the list... how many little nooks and crannies are there that are accessible to strained peas but not to your cleaning cloth... unless you enjoy using a toothbrush to clean with on a day to day basis.

Kim said...

I've used expensive high chairs, and cheaper high chairs. What you want is one that is EASY to clean (agree with the nooks & crannies comment), and that the tray slides on and off with one hand. I don't need a high chair that reclines - how many babies seriously fall asleep in their high chairs! I like that my tray will separate into two, so I can pop off the top to clean it. Okay, that's probably enough from me! Good luck!

Megan Miley and Chris said...

In my opinion, don't spend too much on your kids. They grow too fast. We just got the safety first booster seat that buckles onto the chair. I like the idea of them being at the table too, and she can be with that one. I also like that it didn't take up much room. But if you do end up getting a regular highchair, don't go with evenflow. And make sure that it doesn't tip over easily. There are some that can tip. I also like the try because it comes with two trays and you can just take the top tray off and clean it. The tray is also smaller, easier to fit in the sink to clean. Hope I helped!

tjsanford said...'s your neighbor. Traci. Four words for ya: Fisher Price Booster Chair. I think high chairs take up too much room. Jack still sits in his and loves it. Comes with a tray too! You can come over and check it out. Nothing great. But, it gets the job done.