Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Has Come and Our Goose is Definitely Fat

Christmas was fun this year as we celebrated with family for Etta's first big Holiday. James moved out here this year and since Jacqueline and I already live here my parents and Julia made the trek out to make it easier on all of us. Andrew was very missed but otherwise we were all together. We had all sorts of fun outings, family activities, and Christmas craziness. Pretty much everything we had planned didn't happen but because we were together it was still a blast. The snow made it interesting for us to go to salt lake everyday but what is Christmas when it's not white. Margaret threw a fun little pre-Christmas party on Monday where we enjoyed of course good food and Christmas carols somewhat drowned out by crying and sleigh bells. :) We had so much fun helping with the homeless dinner at Magleby's then having everyone at our house for Christmas Eve dinner. The next day we opened presents at James' where Etta got a couple fun toys and a couple cute outfits, Rob got an Ipod along with some other man gear, I got some beautiful clothing items and namely a sewing machine, and we played Rock band all day. We are so grateful to our generous loving families for all our gifts and cash donations alike. :)

Our Adorable little fattypants.

We love LOVE you guys and are so grateful to have spent this time with you.


Megan Miley and Chris said...

Oh I'm so glad he finally got that Ipod haha That was so funny.

Marin said...

Ahh She is soooo CUTE!!! Sounds like you guys had a great Christmas! We enjoyed Christmas this year without the snow!! But it is sure beautiful!

Laura said...