Friday, October 16, 2009

Going back to Cali...

So in August Brandon, one of Rob's really good friends was getting married in Las Vegas. We figured if we're going all the way to Vegas we may as well go all the way to California. So we called to ask Rob's sister Sara if we could head out after the wedding and she told us Rob's sister from New York, Katie, was going to be out there the week before. Perfect! So we headed out the week before and had a blast.
We didn't get any pictures of Sara and Shawn's new place which is a bummer because it's absolutely beautiful. She has this old 1920's house overlooking all of LA. We hung there with Rob's whole family over the weekend then headed down to San Diego with a short stop in Corona to see the Grandparents. Keith and Sally are awesome. They are 90 something and thriving and we love them a lot. So we love to opportunity for Elizabeth to know them better.
Keith and Sally with Etta

After a few great days in San Diego we headed out to Las Vegas. On the way we got to stop and see Russell, Julie, and Sadie Holmes...some of our favorite people and unfortunately took no pictures. Next we were off to see Rob's cousin, Wes and Kristy, who were also going to the wedding. So the next day we were off to Vegas. We were happy to stay with our good friends Delana and Brian Rowley who we also love. We are so lucky to have so many people who will let us invade their homes.

The wedding was great and we are so happy for Brandon. His new wifey seems awesome and perfect for him. Again I'm lacking in the picture department but I got some.

A very exhausted dad and his daughter stickin it out at the reception that night.

All the old college buddies reunited.

All the wifeys and kids who came later.

Little family.

And Paige, another favorite person of ours.

On our way home Mike and Kara were so kind to have us at Mikes parents in St. George. We had so much fun and are so grateful for all our amazing friends and family. However, we did decide that vacations are no longer...until we can go alone there is nothing vacationing about it. As long as they include kids from here on out they will be great, fun trips...but not vacations. We were soooo tired. But we'll do it again anytime!

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Dayna said...

i just caught up on your blog. i sort of stopped checking since you took forever to update it!! haha. i'm glad you're back though and CONGRATULATIONS on your baby boy. That is so exciting. You'll have to post about the differences compared to baby girls. I am very curious. You look great and etta is so adorable!!! i can't believe how big she is getting.