Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pizza a la Sarah

So the more we eat out the more we decide we should eat home. We pay four times the price and usually leave unimpressed. It started with Indian food. We love, love Indian food. After quite a few trip to the Bombay house (which we were actually happy with but were spending too much on) I thought ummmm, aren't I a chef or something and couldn't I make most of this at home? And so the perfect Indian food, anything comfort food, the perfect steak, and the perfect burger were born. Most recently it's been the quest for fall of the bone BBQ Ribs for Mr. Neilson and

The Perfect Pizza.

So at first I had to perfect the crust, that was the biggest thing. It took me about 4 tries till I was really happy with it. I feel like so much thin pizza I eat the crust ends up a bit soggy bottomed. So that was an issue to solve that took a little science and a pizza stone. I also like a crust that's slightly sweet. Then you have to get the sauce just right. My first attempt was way too watery, sometimes not enough, sometimes too much. I think I'm finally happy with it.

So these are pics of our two best pizzas so far. A Veggie Pizza topped with olives (a must), yellow and green peppers, tomatoes, sauteed mushroom and yellow onion, red onion, and zucchini with Parmesan and a garlic Alfredo sauce. It's pretty good but will probably still take some tweaking.

Then there's the all time favorite, can't go wrong, Margarita pizza which we love.

So we're having fun experimenting and invite you all to come try whatever we're making whenever you want. Next will probably be the perfect peach cobbler because my attempt the other night was pitiful! Anyway, I'll keep you posted.


Dayna said...

so funny you post about pizzas because i've been dying to find the perfect butternut squash pizza recipe. random, i know, but i heard about this kind of pizza and it just sounds so yummy! i found a couple online but they have good and bad reviews. maybe i'll just have to try them out to see for myself. if you know of any great recipe websites please do share.

Marin said...

haa haa I love it!! We always feel the same way after eating out at a restaurant. We think we have pizza down, but ohh wow those pizzas look AWESOME!! I will have to try the vegetable one!! Justin loves being a chef! He wants to open his own restaurant someday!!! Wish we could come over and make PIZZA with you guys!!