Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm Back!!

So I finally freed up some space on the old comp so I could download these pictures from ages ago. The first set is from our very first time camping with Elizabeth (this was back in July). We totally love camping. We love the fresh mountain air, tin foil dinners, and just being away from it all if only for a little while. We weren't really sure how much we'd love it with a baby though...? And let me tell you, she did awesome! We were pleasantly surprised. She just played around in the dirt, was a amazed and a little scared of the fire, and was loving being in her camping chair.
This was the view as we were driving back through squaw peak. That's Provo and the lake if you can't tell...I'd never been way far back in that canyon before.

Me and the hubs.

Baby in the mushroom chair.

No, she's not helping clean up. She has a slight obsession with brushing her hair...she makes camping look good.

Slight claustrophobia?

Robbie, Etta, and our neighbor friend Addison who's family came with us.

So she had her surly moments, but they were certainly few and far between! She slept better that night than she had been at home! It wasn't too too cold and we loved being in the mountains as usual. So baby or not we'll keep camping! (and we did...Will the Neilson's still enjoy camping on their second trip with the babies? Tune in soon for more camping where things might not have gone quite so smoothly! :)

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