Friday, October 23, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!

Generation Y. Virgo. Year of the Rat. Boomerangs. Yes, that's me and I turned 25 on August 29th and it was a wonderful weekend. I am a firm believer in celebrating your birthday as long as possible. Go ahead and stretch it on out. Rob and I have our Anniversary on Sept 1st so it works out perfectly and we usually get a non stop celebration for at least three days sometimes even a week! So we went up and had a sushi dinner with my family topped by some delicious fried coconut ice cream and an adorable play put on by my nieces and nephew...Thanks Dad! Another day my dad came down to watch Etta and Rob and I went for a meat, cheese, fruit, and martinelli's (my fav!) picnic up the canyon. Then we had some friends over for a cake and ice cream celebration. And lastly Rob's mom usually has us over for a delicious "favorite meal" dinner but this year decided we would go out. So they took us to my favorite restaurant around, Foundry Grill. It was so fun to have a peaceful adult night somewhere beautiful and relaxing. I had to get steak of coarse with a delectable wine reduction and their yummy tortilla soup and caeser salad and Rob got a new menu item, an amazing brined and roasted pork loin that he's still talking about. Thanks Bob and Margaret!
The always unsuccessful "picture taken ourselves" up at Sundance.
One the hostess fun to be on a date!

And here's the whole crew. It's funny, without fail we always see someone we know when we go up to Sundance and frequently someone famous. This trip was no different. Along with running into some old friends we ran into Donny Osmond and family. They're so sweet and offered to take a picture for us I had neglected just before we were leaving...and I think Dan was pretty excited because he couldn't quite take his eyes off Donny as evident by this shot his wife took. :)

Anyway, it was a fun night and an awesome weekend. Thanks everybody!


Shanicherie said...

You look so beautiful in these pictures Sarah!

Dink said...

HOw fun!! I agree that you should drag out birthdays for as long as possible!!

Aubrey said...

You are SO pretty. We can't wait to dine at Sundance with you.

sprinkles said...

sounds like a good time! and... how are you soooo tiny still! you look amazing as ever girl. miss you xo