Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Baby Time!

My sweet sweet friend Beth threw me a little girlfriends brunch baby shower. We went to Magleby's Fresh, downed french toast, chatted, opened presents, ate Beth's amazing cupcakes, and had a wonderful time. Thank you so so much to Beth and to everyone for coming to support and celebrate my growing family. Unfortunately it's mostly just pictures of me...but you get to see some of my cute gifts too!

We had an intense word search game...I really wanted to win. And look at my cute niece.

Ooo, Aubrey wants it you can tell...but Rachel won!

Apparently this had to be mine to coordinate with the many scarves I'm always wearing.

W for William!

Thanks again everyone, it was so fun to get out for an afternoon with my girlfriends with out my little sweetie and just relax. Can't wait for little Liam!


Dink said...

looks like you got lots of fun stuff, I guess that means I better get a move on and finish that car seat cover so you can have your car seat back!!! It will be fun to have Liam here at last!!

Parkinson Family said...

it was fun! thanks for inviting me! :)