Monday, February 15, 2010

New Years

On New Years Eve our friends Greg and Cassidy (our south wall neighbors) had us and some other friends over for snacks, games, and the countdown. Super fun, thanks guys!

I was really starting to look very pregnant around this time!

Chris and Andrea (our north wall neighbors)

Addysin and Etta have become such good friends, it's so cute!

As much as we love BYU and rob's awesome job there, I hate that he has to be clean shaven all the time. So everytime there's a break I make him grow out a little beard cause hey, it looks hot. Something that didn't look so hot however was the mustache he shaved it into upon returning to work on New Years Day. So this is what I had to wake up to. Rob and and his whole team thought it would be funny to have a contest so luckily once it was judged it could be shaved! He looks so dirty! Haha...

New Years Day we decided to have some friends over for a pizza/football/wii golf extravaganza. The guys came over and watched football and played all day and night. It was super fun to have some down time with all our neighborhood buddies! Including adorable Alivia!

All the guys chillin...

Playing a little wii...and no we didn't break down and buy one, they brought it.

All in all a very fun weekend before jumping off into a very long winter.


Aubrey said...

Sarah, you looked so cute on New Year's Eve! That was way fun playing games with all our neighbors. I know Seth really enjoyed Wii golf (which got him dreaming about returning to the green asap). And oh my gosh...Rob's mustache... I don't even think there are words... :)

julie said...

the word pedophile comes to mind when looking at that mustache... or any mustache for that matter. ha! i love teasing my bil when he grows one... & i will treat rob no different.