Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Monstrous Christmas Time Post

First pic with my new camera Christmas sweet, sexy hubby surprised me with the new Nikon D3000. I was super surprised and super excited! Now I'm just psyched to learn how to use it...I got him a video camera that we took some good footage with that I'll hopefully have up soon.

This is actually later that day trying out her new bike just before we left for Benihana. :) We did such a huge meal on Christmas Eve with a small program after that we decided to do an easy favorite with no prep and no clean up for Christmas night.

Etta loved her bike!

Christmas morning was fun with my parents, rob's mom and bob, and my little sister. We had cheeser eggs, country potatoes, bacon, and fresh cinnamon rolls...mmmmm. It was so yummy and the perfect way to start the morning.

We then opened lots of presents and had fun goofing off and posing for the camera.

We all met up at the aquarium during the break, always a fun activity.

Little Mason

Aunt Jacqueline

My sweet little family.

Etta's cheeser face.

Aunt Juju


Lovin the aquarium gift shop...

Love this baby!

Oh my cutie...

Little nephew Mason givin me a snuggle...

I'm ready for my newborn!

We had such an awesome time having all our family in town. We did all sorts of fun activites, celebrating, eating, playing, shopping, and just hanging together. Thanks to everyone for such a fun time.


Lauren said...

yay for your new camera!! that's awesome and you've already got some great pictures... i have a gift for you and Liam.

Parkinson Family said...

cute bike...cute pics...and man you guys go to the aquarium alot lol yeah monday was a mad house...i definitely want to go again, but when there is way less people!

Beth said...

Just gone through your Christmas celebration and found it great. Enjoyed the pictures on your blog. Etta looks wonderful. Keep it up the good work.