Thursday, February 18, 2010

Oh, Henry...

So every time we would go over to my brother's house Etta would go find their enormously over sized bear and wrestle it to the floor in wild fits of laughter and joy, this last time was no different. She finds him and tries to carry him upstairs where she tackles and kisses him. Upon explaining how much she loved it my brother said, "we have another one do you want it?" Uh, yeah! She went nuts with excitement. We named him Henry and she wants him with her everywhere...hence this picture of her watching her daily YBCR.

Thanks James and Christy!

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julie said...

i LOVE this! i had a huge dog named baby puppy... ironic... this reminds me of my youth :)
when is that boy joining the ranks? hope you are feeling well & ready! miss you! & LOVE all these updates!

oh yeah, i am doing a giveaway head over to my sprinkles blog. xo